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Former Green candidate in general election (Chipping Barnet) in '15, locals (High Barnet) in '14, GLA (Barnet&Camden) in '12 etc. Now exploring pastures new @GreenPartyPoppy greenpartypoppy.wordpress.com

Shopping at 90

At about 50 I gave up acquiring clothes. I was unwrapping a late Christmas gift, and there was yet another damned top. I felt a slight nausea. Ungrateful me. [...]

Where’s my cheque?

Should I get a cheque through the post every month as of right? Pensioners get an unconditional basic income (UBI), guaranteed by the embodiment of our collective will –our [...]

Death and Taxes

Would you like to be able to direct HMRC not to use your tax money on the apparatus of death, the military? A bill to that effect is being tabled in parliament in May, and it [...]

Discovering Greece’s Secrets

It’s what friends are for. I said I was looking for a new direction. My best friend Kate sent me a link. I received it one midnight just before heading for bed (checking my [...]