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I am an interior designer aiming to translate the "fashion" for interiors and make it into something that'll work in real life

Less is more………..

There’s a new movement in the world of homes and interiors which is all about creating a home in a tiny space. There are weeny cabins on wheels, homes made from storage [...]


With all the new spring interior collections hitting the shops there’s something to suit everyone, from classic florals to full-on modernism. But with the trend for grey [...]

Summer lovin’…

Even though the rules say we have to put our white jeans away, we can keep the summer holiday feeling around the house all year round. [...]

Welcome to Rio!

It’s an Olympic summer and interiors follow a Brazilian carnival trend with bold patterns, tropical greenery and hot good looks. [...]

Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are often neglected spaces in the home as (like kitchens) the choice of fittings can seem daunting and it’s easy to take a basic approach. But, when you stay in a [...]
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