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Optometry and You

Your eyesight is precious. At David Hillel, we aim to safeguard your vision, maintaining visual comfort and efficiency and making the most of your eyes’ potential. The [...]

David Hillel Optitions

David Hillel Burns is a teaching optometrist driven by interest in the science of eyesight. His current area of research, with London South Bank University, is the focusing [...]

The Long and Short of It

The eye is like a camera.  It makes an image of the scene.  The image is on the retina, a thin, light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye. The focus is not always [...]

Clear Vision

Amazingly, contact lenses were invented by Leonardo da Vinci.  He got the science right in 1508 but his ideas could not be put into practice until 1887.  They were not [...]