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Hoorah, hoorah it’s a holi-holiday!

We all need a bit of down time. And as the sun tantalises us with promises of summer we’re all dreaming of the moment when we can down tools and sip beer or mojito without having to worry about work.

A lovely dream isn’t it?

But here’s a thought.

While you’re getting burnt in the sand-dunes, Mrs Ostlethorpe at number 37 has found that she has a urgent need for your service. She’s called several times but can’t raise you. So, she’s gone somewhere else.

Here’s another thought.

When you get back you have no work lined up and you start to panic about how you can pay the credit card that you maxed out on holiday.

Running a small business is hard enough without the fear of losing everything you have worked for if you take a holiday. But if you box clever with your advertising during July and August you will be able to go away without worrying too much. So here are a few suggestions for you:

If you can, create a specific appeal or promotion by skewing your promotion to give it a ‘summer theme’. For example get your body into tip top tanning condition and book your body scrub by [dd/mm*].

Offer a discount to push people into a time slot that following your return from the Bahamas e.g. “Book your boiler service to take place in [MONTH]* and receive a 10% discount”.

(*insert date before you skiddaddle off to the Bahamas or return from Whistable)

Get an answering service – someone like Red Desk VA who can look after your emails/calls and get people booked in for work on your return. Getting them to say “Joe’s not available that week but is offering a special discount for September bookings” is far better than your prospect realising that the foreign ring tone means you’re not available.

If budget is the issue drop down an advert size (or two)

Remember: whilst it’s true that it maybe a little quieter during the summer, the last thing you ever want to do is cut back on your marketing. Cut back on ineffective marketing but never cut back totally on your marketing, after all, this is what drives your business!


If you’re wondering how to go about buffing up your summer advertising, please give me a call to see how I can help. Get in touch on 07976 869435 or email [email protected]

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