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The basics of social media tips & tricks: hacking your social content

social media tips & tricks

The basics of social media tips & tricks: hacking your social content

At first glance social media seems so very easy peasy, at least for some of us. I mean, what do you do? Just write a bunch of words and click a few buttons? Well yes… but social media is a lot more than a quick release of your random thoughts. Sure, using it on a personal level is one thing, but using social media for your small business is a whole other story.

Social media can attract customers to your business and help build your brand.

But before you go and jump in, you’ll need to understand some social media basic rules. Here are three things that you should never miss on Twitter and Facebook.


First things first: Images. These little eye-catching aids can make a real difference in the way your content is perceived. Pictures are proven to increase engagement and statistics show that people are more likely to read a tweet or a Facebook post if it includes an image. Whether you choose to go for one or more images, a high quality picture or just a snap you took on your smartphone, this hack can have an instant positive effect on your social presence.


A hashtag or more commonly known as ‘#’ is used to mark keywords and topics on social media. Hashtags are very important as they help to categorise content. They also help you to get discovered. For example, why not add the hashtag of your neighbourhood or postcode to your tweet? This way, people who are searching in your area can easily see your content, even if they don’t follow you. However, they’ll probably start following you after seeing the great tweet you created following the steps in this article *wink wink*. Make sure that the hashtags you use are always relevant to the subject of your post and your business. You can also use popular hashtags to your advantage, for example #MondayMotivation on Mondays or #ThrowbackThursday on Thursdays. But don’t over do it. Using one or two hashtags per post is more than enough.


Last but not least: Optimising your tweets and Facebook posts with links. When creating content for Facebook and Twitter, keep in mind that you’ll want to drive traffic back to your website, your services and your products. If you see a 140 character tweet about this great service a business is providing and you want to find out more, you want to be able to do it right there and then, while it’s still fresh in your mind.


Okay, time for a little recap: In order to improve your social media content and generate more engagement, you need to add to your posts three little, easy to manoeuvre tricks: an eye-catching photo, a relevant hashtag and a link sending people back to your website.

Now that you’re all set, get posting!

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