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I’m a Millennial, much like some of my Digital Craft’s co-workers and 76 million others across the globe. Lets face it, the days of the baby boomers distant on the horizon… But now you have a totally new marketing challenge to get your head around: How do you entice the tech-loving, social media crazy Millennials, who’s buying power you and your company just can’t ignore?

This generation has everyone captivated, yet there still seems to be some trouble when it comes to understanding us. Part of the reason why we’re so misunderstood seems to be because we aren’t approaching adulthood in the same way as previous generations. One major factor is the economy. The recession has made the milestones of adulthood, such as getting a job, getting married or buying a house, less feasible. Another factor is our our view on life. We grew up believing that we could do anything we put our minds to, we decided not to follow one path but many and we like to take our choices and limitless possibilities to new levels.

I. A great brand development strategy is understanding Millennials. The real challenge is figuring out how to become relevant to Millennials and to make us care about your brand. Although many feel that connecting with Millennials is a difficult task, it’s actually pretty straightforward. Here are three basic steps that brands should keep in mind when going after Millennials.

II. Be authentic, be relevant, be engaging.

This might seem obvious and is probably something you’re already doing, but to create content for the Millennial generation you must be authentic and engaging. Us Millennials grew up with the internet, we’re exposed to so much information and it’s unlikely we’ll accept your message on face value alone. We want to be informed and involved, not just marketed to. We won’t take the action you request simply because you’re telling us to.

III. Target social groups, instead of life stages.

As you may have already gathered, us Millennials are not exactly a traditional generation, our values differ greatly. Adult life isn’t linear for Millennials and brands have to adjust accordingly. A good strategy that brands can adopt is targeting Millennials based on social groups, such as those who care about certain social causes or those who live alternative lifestyles, rather than targeting us by the stages in our lives.

IV. Improve your mobile marketing.

Marketing through mobile devices is relevant because our phones are in our hands 24/7, so in order for your brand to succeed at mobile marketing, your social media needs to be A+ and your landing pages have to be mobile optimised with great graphics and quick connections, including short links and great images.

Marketing to Millennials is easier than you think, all we want is helpful, engaging information that’s tailored to our needs. Your brand can achieve and attract Millennials by being authentic and engaging, having impeccable mobile marketing and targeting our current lifestyles, instead of applying old fashioned techniques to a new generation.

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