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So, your marketing is going great, but could it be better? Here are some ideas for upping the ante:

1. Conversion Rate

Your marketing might already be working fine in driving prospects through the door but the rate at which you turn those prospects into clients could be terrible. Taking steps to improve that conversion rate could change your business. If they didn’t become a customer, ring them up and ask them “why?” The answers might challenge you but they’re likely to give you much more insight than answers from those that did become customers.

2. Target Market

Understand your target market. You can’t be all things to all people, so work out which demographics are most likely to buy from you and then sell to that market. Better still, create an imaginary ‘bullseye’ customer – give them a name, age, personality, and family so you can visualise who you should be focusing on.

3. Don’t Discount

Avoid discounting as a marketing tool. Discounting gets you into a vicious circle of lowering your price that’s often impossible to get out of. Many brands have found success by holding their price and adding value. Think about what additional value you can add to justify your higher price.

4. Finance

While we’re at it, if you’re not discounting and still want to encourage people to use your products or services, flexibility with payment terms can make the difference. Offering payment schemes on direct debit or standing order allow you your clients to break up bigger bills into easier chunks.

5. Social Media

The number of social networks out there is enough to confuse even the advanced marketer. Just pick one platform and focus on making that a success. If you do want to share your content, use software like HootSuite to post one piece of content across multiple platforms.

6. Content

‘Youtility’ is the new black. Creating and sharing content – in whatever form – and not expecting any reward is the theme of a great book by Jay Baer. Companies who can blog, create videos, hold seminars, podcast, and develop infographics will be noticed more often by prospective customers.

7. Video

And one of the most powerful forms of content is video. While video can require higher investment than other content mediums, it offers so many different options – introductory videos, staff profiles, testimonials, how-to’s, and so on. Video is much more engaging and shareable, and according to Mist Media, visitors to websites with video content hang around 88% longer than those without.

8. Real Life Newsletters

More marketing is going digital but as this shift occurs there is a push-back from consumers looking for real experiences. The simplest experience could be taking your blog or e-newsletters and turning them into hard-copy newsletters and then putting those newsletters into the hands of your customers.

9. Chat To People Visiting Your Website

Pop-up chat boxes sometimes get a bad name on websites but frankly, they often convert visitors to enquiries better than anything else. Use something like Olark and it can be unobtrusive and smart. You can even link it to a Smartphone app so you can answer any enquiry no matter where you are.

10. Data, Data, Data

The size of your database of clients and prospects is directly proportional to your success: any opportunity you have to collect data, take it. A comprehensive database allows you to communicate with relevance and frequency, so that you’re front of mind when clients decide to buy. If you forget them, they’ll forget you.

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