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Two Free Tools To Make Your Life Easier On Social Media

Two free tools to make your life easier on social media

Two Free Tools to Make your Life Easier on Social Media

Red Desk recently went on a social media training course.  Amongst the many nuggets of wisdom that we gleaned, the two that we would like to share with you this month are about free programmes.


If you’ve ever had to crop or resize a photo for social media then you may have been restricted to either Paint or if your computer had a copy, Photoshop elements.  Red Desk have been introduced to a new online photo editing tool called Picmonkey.

It is dead easy to use and you don’t have to sign up or login (unless you upgrade to their Royale package) and along with doing the basics (cropping, resizing, colour adjustment), you can have fun with their other menu by adding different effects to your pictures. Looking a bit pale? Use their “blush boost” option or if it is Hallowe’en check out “zombie” and add blood drops!

You’ll know the features available to Royale customers by the symbol of the monkey wearing a crown in the corner.  If you do decide to upgrade, it will cost you as little as $2.75 a month.


Manage FilterManageFlitter

Did you know that the sign of a good Twitter account is that you have more followers than are following?

If you want to actively grow your Twitter following, you are going to need a good analytics tool which can weed out your inactive followers and help you find new people to follow.  We have started using ManageFlitter, and Lindsay has this to say about it:

‘ManageFlitter could not be easier to use & I’m using it with all the twitter accounts we manage.  There is no point tweeting to an inactive account & now you can easily identify which accounts are not worth following & remove them. By doing this you can improve your ‘following’ & ‘follower’ ratio & giving you a more effective twitter account.’

They hook you in with a free account (probably enough for basic growth) but if you want to seriously grow your account, take a look at their paying features ranging anything from $12 to $999 per month!

If you need any assistance with growing your twitter following or editing images for social media, do get in touch with us:

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