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Demand Enfield Council Divest From Fossil Fuels

Enfield Council

Remember the Paris Agreement? That big deal to stop climate change signed by world leaders in 2015?

While it is a landmark deal, the Paris Agreement is also weakly enforced. The targets within it are essentially voluntary, meaning the fate of the world rests on the extent of the goodwill of the people who run it.

That said, there are things we can do as citizens to pressure our leaders to follow through with their commitments. One is to demand fossil fuel divestment. Fossil Free UK has revealed councils across the country have more than £16 billion invested in fossil fuel companies. Our own local authority in Enfield has itself invested £60 million, via its pension fund.

Investing in fossil fuels is nonsensical both from a moral and financial standpoint. If the world has already agreed to rapidly reducing fossil fuels, how can they be a sound investment?

There is nothing stopping Enfield Council from agreeing to divest tomorrow. Our neighbours in Waltham Forest have already done so – becoming the first UK council to commit to fully divesting from fossil fuels. With an election in May, now is the time to pressure our council to do the same.

I have started a campaign called Divest Enfield. Please, sign the petition at:


and if you want to get more involved in the campaign, email [email protected]. Thank you!

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