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After having monitored Planning Applications in the Winchmore Hill area for the last 15 years I am becoming convinced that many applicants have little care for their neighbours.

The Planning System was of course designed to deal with this, giving everybody the opportunity to comment or object to proposed developments with the last line of arbitration being an Appeal Court.  Many developers, large and small,  often felt this was obstructive as clearly, from their point of view, it was, but viewed from the opposite angle it gave a protection to the public and the small individual.  A large part of the Residents’ Association activity is centred around this and their support or opposition has often influenced the outcome.

Over the years legislation has been amended and refined, depending largely upon the political background of central government.  Recent relaxations on small works have led to outrageous proposals which adversely affect immediate neighbours.  These immediate neighbours have the opportunity to object but of course they don’t because they do not want to create poor relations with their neighbour.  What a dilemma!  Rear ground floor extensions projecting a further 6.0m. (20ft.)  into the rear garden is bound to detrimentally affect the neighbour.  Who is being selfish and who on earth amended the legislation to allow it?


Our train service by Govia, as described by their representative at our Members’ Meeting still appears to be some way off.

While we are told that the service will be enhanced by more frequent trains it also appears in some areas that it will be reduced.  The new rolling stock is threatened to appear in 2018 and these will be the continuous carriage type as used on other networks.  However,  it is unlikely that the “leap” from platform to carriage floor will be reduced which we still believe is quite unacceptable and must be reviewed.


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