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What Townswomen Do?

Members of Townswomen’s Guilds offer each other support and stability in an increasingly fragmented society, with each member benefiting from a strong national movement that has remained a cornerstone for thousands of women across the UK.

A force for change

A force to be reckoned with, Townswomen play a pivotal role in communicating important national issues to governmental bodies and the media.  Since its inception in 1929, members have collectively voiced their concerns to change and improve the livelihoods of women, something that is still pursued as passionately as ever.

National events

Townswomen attend national events to use their voice, individually and collectively, for the good of society.  National events give members a wonderful opportunity to represent their local Guild on a national level.

Active in the community

However busy Townswomen may be, many still find the time to help those in need.  Thousands of members across the country play an active role in their communities and work tirelessly to raise funds for a variety of causes.  In addition, Townswomen are actively involved in a wide range of public affairs issues and effectively lobby local MPs to advance the well-being of society as a whole.

Friendship and fun

Alongside all this worthy and serious work, members nationwide have plenty of time for friendship and fun.  Meeting as part of a local ‘Guild’ usually once a month, either during the daytime or in the evening, Townswomen enjoy a huge range of recreational activities such as talks, social studies, hobbies, arts & crafts, competitions, socialising and organised trips.  Other pursuits have also continued to expand, and sports such as bowls, tennis, golf and swimming are actively pursued by many Guilds.  National competitions are also organised to give members the opportunity to compete at a national level.

So join today and become part of the camaraderie and friendship that goes with being a member of the Townswomen’s Guilds.

SOUTHGATE [OAKWOOD] TOWNSWOMEN’S GUILD meets on the first Wednesday of every month at Oakwood Baptist Church Hall in Merrivale N14 4TE from 2.30pm-4.30pm. We have a range of activities including: Speakers, Competitions, Outings  and four Activity Groups. Car parking available. For more information contact Rita Bridges (Secretary)  020 8360 7205

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