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Withdraw the Planning Application to Lose Barnet Diving Pool!

Barnet diving pool

The diving pool in Barnet, North London where Brit Olympic hero Tom Daley Academy Squad train is under threat. There is already a young Olympic hopeful that travels to train at Barnet Copthall three times a week. Chloe’s dreams of going for gold will be shattered if the diving pit is removed as part of Barnet Copthall’s regeneration. The current plans show that the pool will be removed and not replaced. See Chloe pictured above.

The current plans to regenerate Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre ( GLL/ Better)  also do not include sufficient public transport plans. Campaigners  ask that Barnet Council  planning permission  is withdrawn until all local user groups are consulted with. Parents and members of the diving community have started a campaign against the closure. They believe it will be a huge loss to the North London community and that facilities should be improved, not removed. In particular the concern is that the council should be actively providing inclusive sport opportunities for all across the Borough.

Diving ranked 4th in the council consultations but their decision to remove has not been justified, communicated or costs broken down. The objection to the council is that the consultations have not directly been advertised to include the users of the pool and that the decision to remove the diving pit has only just come to light.  Emailing leisure services and giving your thoughts on the loss of this facility is crucial as the Council  are starting their planning permission in August 2016 and time is running out. It’s the only deep pool of its kind in North London with a 5 metre platform. The pool is used for life guard training, men & women only swimming, swimming squad, syncro squad , aqua aerobics, local schools and the Tom Daley Diving Academy. The campaigners believe that the majority of these user groups have not been consulted with at all. The nearest diving pit with the same facility is at the Aquatics centre in Stratford, East London which will mean a minimum of a three hour round trip, three times a week. For the most users, this will mean that the Tom Daley Diving Squad in North London ceases to exist.

The campaigners believe that the regeneration of Barnet Copthall Leisure centre should include diving facilities where everyone can take part inclusively,  but also attract from far and wide for state of the art diving facilities. Our next Olympian could train right here in North London.They need all the support they  can get & are aware there was a successful campaign to save the Park Road diving facilities. Please contact us via our social media page on Twitter @save_diving_ldn if you can volunteer or offer any advice.

A huge petition would show the council just how many local residents, divers and users of the pool want to save the diving pit.  It could be enough to persuade the council. There are currently 1400 signatures in just two weeks but many, many more are needed to challenge the current plans. 
If you think you can help with the campaign or that current and future Olympians deserve the chance to reach their potential then please sign the 38 degrees petition. It only takes one minute to sign and share:


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