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Your Community Needs You!

David Burrowes

Referendums may not be everyone’s democractic preference but the EU Referendum has got everyone talking about politics. Whether you voted Remain or Leave has mattered more than how you voted at the last general election. Rightly so given the long term significance of the UK leaving the EU. It is though a shame some of the energy and passion now shown in petitions, emails, social media campaigns and protests had not been directed to the campaign before June 23rd.

The Referendum campaign has stirred passionate debate and discussion which needs to be respected on either side of the argument. Whilst a majority in Enfield voted to Remain in the EU, over 60,000 Enfield residents joined with a majority across the UK to vote Leave and the result needs to be respected. As the new PM Theresa May said on the steps of No 10 Brexit means Brexit and we all now need to pull together to get the best result for the UK for trade and migration with the EU. I have had a number of constituents contact me, particularly those with concerns about Brexit, who want to use their skills and knowledge to get a good Brexit deal. I am therefore establishing an Enfield Brexit forum which will bring together discussions and concerns which I can feed into the new Cabinet Ministers for International Trade and Brexit. Please contact me on [email protected] if you wish to be involved.

The Referendum has sadly given oxygen to some racists who need to be exposed and prosecuted for hate crime. However it is reassuring news from last month’s Enfield Racial Equality Council AGM that the incidents of hate crime in Enfield has actually reduced over the month since the referemdum. We need to be vigilant but also positive about our diverse community where our EU neighbours and friends continue of course to be welcome.

The celebration of our local community will no doubt be evident at the Palmers Green Festival in Broomfield Park on 4th September and also with our furry best friends at the Arnos Park Dog Show on 17th September. Like the Firs Farm Wetlands Festival in July these events are successful because they are run by the community for the community. It takes a huge amount of effort by a few dedicated volunteers and the events deserve our full support.

Finally, I have been struck in recent months from my constituency casework by a significant number from our community who are isolated particularly by mental illness and addictions. In September the Enfield Good Samaritan Network will be relaunched to increase local support from the community for individuals with complex needs. Do contact me if you want to be involved or find out more details.

David Burrowes MP