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ice lolly recipe

Summer’s here, well at least intermittently, but when the sun is belting it out we all want something to cool us down. So here are a couple of ice-lolly recipes to make and stock up the freezer with

Pimm’s lollies are the perfect ice lolly for summer BBQs, easy to make and ONLY for grown-ups! These cute alcoholic treats look great served on a bowl of ice at parties. This recipe makes 8 ice lollies and only takes 5 mins to prepare them however do make them in advance so they have plenty of time to set.


1 bottle Pimm’s

1 bottle lemonade

Fresh strawberries

Sprigs of fresh mint


Mix one part of Pimm’s with three parts lemonade. So for 150ml (¼ pint) Pimm’s, add 450ml (¾ pint) lemonade.

Thread a strawberry, halved lengthways, on to each lolly stick and press a sprig of mint into the top of it, so it looks like strawberry leaves.

Pour the Pimm’s mixture into an ice lolly mould, until it is ¾ full. Put the sticks with the strawberries in the mould. Place the tops on the moulds and, depending on the type, pull the sticks up so the strawberries are all at the same height.

Place the lollies in the freezer until solid. To make it easier to remove them from the mould, dip briefly in hot water.

Melon ice-lollies

With just four ingredients and 15 minutes prep time, these healthy melon ice lollies couldn’t be simpler to make. The only sweetener in these is a little pressed apple juice – perfect if you’re trying to cut down on sugar – but they taste so good that the kids will still think they’re a treat!


About 500g watermelon flesh (1/4 of a watermelon), cut into chunks – no need to deseed it

About 300g honeydew melon flesh (from 1/2 a melon, deseeded), cut into chunks

Juice of 1 lime

100ml pressed apple juice

Put the watermelon in a blender and whizz until smooth. Strain into a jug then pour onto 8 lolly moulds to come about a third of the way up the moulds. Freeze for about 1 hour or until almost frozen solid.

Rinse out the blender and add the honeydew melon with the lime juice and apple juice and whizz to a purée.

Push the mixture through a sieve and pour into the lolly moulds, inserting a stick in the middle, and freeze until solid. Pour in remaining watermelon juice to fill the moulds, then freeze. Use within 3 months.

When you want to eat the lollies, take the moulds out of the freezer and dip them in hot water for 10-20 secs to release the lollies.

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