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All change in the kitchen!

kitchen makeover

While the summer months might just have left us, mentally many of us checked out long ago due to the poor August weather. Uninspired by a total lack of sun, sea, and sand, huge numbers swapped their attention to Christmas shopping. That’s the thing about Christmas –you can always count on it! So, as many of us begin to ask those all-important questions, “What could I get Mum this year?” – “What does Granddad really need?” Dream Doors would like to offer you the perfect gift; the gift of a kitchen makeover*.

When it comes to our own needs, we tend to deflect attention, especially at Christmas; ‘tis the season to put others first. We’re sure you could think of
 many loved ones who’ve moaned about their kitchen or perhaps you’re even fed up looking at their out of date, dysfunctional kitchen. Whatever the motivation, with this gift, you can make a real difference to someone’s life. The heart of the home and hub of social activity, the kitchen 
is where we spend most of our time. Imagine if you could totally transform this room into a vibrant, new, welcoming space.

Perhaps you already have someone in mind: someone of an older generation who may need to future proof their kitchen? Or maybe someone with a growing family
 who may need to re-organise their space?

Offering over 1000 styles and an entirely bespoke service, we can completely tailor our kitchen replacement service to suit your loved one’s needs. We can
 meet with them in the comfort of their own home, and, using our kitchen expertise, advise them on particular designs. We can do as little or as much as
 they feel comfortable with. No Santa list is too long! Your local showroom in North Finchley will ensure all work is carried out to the highest possible standard and provide a totally personalised service.

Christmas is coming and for someone special, you can change their lives with this one simple gift. Get in touch today with Dimitar and his team at the North Finchley showroom and the Dream Doors elves will work together with you to make sure someone you love gets everything they ever wanted this Christmas.

*When you say the words “kitchen makeover”, you may envisage bank-breaking costs, weeks of messy upheaval, and clumps of pulled out hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Dream Doors. If you didn’t already know it, Dream Doors is all about utilising what is already there to save you time, hassle, and most importantly – money. By replacing your cupboard doors, we can transform your kitchen in a matter of days and for typically 40% less than the price of a full kitchen refit. That’s right – you can achieve that same, brand new, dream kitchen look without so much as emptying your cupboards!

Call 020 8003 3528 for a FREE estimate and find out about our FREE planning and design services.

Or pop in and see us in our new showroom located at 983 High Road N12 8QR


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