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“How to support your teenager through the stress of revision and exams: a positive and practical approach”

How to support your teenager through the stress of revision and exams

It’s not too late!

Exam season is challenging for teenagers, parents and their families. With increasing pressure on students to achieve or exceed expectations it is inevitable that for some this may lead to burn-out or mental health issues. The main goal therefore is to prevent or minimise stress, but how?

If a teenager was dangerously close to a cliff edge a parent would immediately intervene, yet when it comes to exam stress it is not always as obvious when or how to help. Avoiding unhealthy amounts of stress requires parents to not only spot the signs but keep a positive and realistic perspective.

A good starting point is recognising that teenagers are individuals who will not necessarily progress at the same rate as their peers. When parents communicate that there is no pressure for them to do so, teenagers will feel less stressed leaving more time to achieve. And that’s where this essential guide will help you. It includes:

  • Extensive first-hand and insightful knowledge of teenagers and exams.
  • Real-life case studies
  • Strategies for exam preparation.
  • Sensible revision calendars
  • Key indicators of stress

You can’t do it all for them; teenagers need to take responsibility for themselves by adopting a proactive approach to learning. But if a teenager is not ready or willing to help themselves then this positive guidance becomes even more important.

support your teenagerHow to support your teenager through the stress of revision and exams: A Positive and Practical Approach costs £8.99 and is available in paperback. To order your copy visit:


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