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Do you want to rebuild your relationship with food?

Innovative Health

I offer an active therapy for individuals who struggle with issues around weight, food, eating and body image, guiding clients towards the most effective way to enhance their well-being, to gain more from life through:-

  • Adopting a regular pattern of eating
  • Managing emotions in a way that does not involve food
  • Eating when hungry and stopping when full
  • Managing food cravings
  • Feeling comfortable when eating in social situations
  • Not constantly thinking and worrying about food choices
  • Enjoying a wide variety of food without feeling guilt or shame
  • Acceptance of self
  • Self-care

I also offer a one-off Breakthrough Session to help individuals explore how their relationship with food impacts on their day-to-day functioning, any barriers to change, what they want instead and the best way forward, before making a commitment to therapy.

For more information contact Dr Vanessa Bogle

(Chartered Psychologist and trained in nutritional rehabilitation)

Email: [email protected]ovative-health.uk      Tel No: 07956 532768

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