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Jocasi: A Muswell Hill Brand with a Passion!


If you are already familiar with the name Jocasi the chances are you’ve been supporting the brand for a good few years now, such is the loyalty displayed by many of Jocasi’s customers. The brand has come a long way since its beginnings in 2003, when it launched its first small range of eclectic leather bags and belts in Central London.

These original bags weren’t to be found in a backstreet shop or market stall either: they debuted in Selfridges and Topshop. The brand has come on in leaps and bounds since then, with owner Simon Swinnerton recently launching the brand new Jocasi.com website in 2014 to reach an even bigger audience. This features the iconic Jocasi Moon Belts as well as a stunning range of leather bags and Python bags, which can be seen today in the two famous Muswell Hill boutiques.

2014 marks a special year in the history of Jocasi since the brand has been formally and completely returned to the hands of its founders in the Swinnerton family. In recent years the decision was taken to allow corporate involvement, but this period has now ended, enabling Simon and the rest of his team to get back to the core of the business. As such the future of Jocasi looks just as bright as those early days did when the brand was just getting off the ground.

Simon stated the ‘back to basics’ aim would see far more soft leather bags being brought back into the range: something that had been partially lost in recent years. Now the brand has the complete freedom to reinvent itself again, and indeed go back to the heady days when Jocasi was purely independent. Those days have returned once more, bringing in stunning and sustainably sourced python skin bags as well as the famous soft leather bags the business is famous for.

A quick glance at the website reveals the high quality, hand-made range of bags now available. These include the bowling style bag, the diamond shopper bag and the double zipper city bag. Most bags are available in a choice of more than one leather finish too, with attention clearly paid to every minute detail, with a cross body leather strap in each bag, and nice to see the now iconic Jocasi label swing tag attached to each bag.

There is no doubt the brand’s attention to detail, core beliefs and design themes are the reasons for its prolonged and continued success. The design team includes the original leather supplier from Indonesia, who now takes an active role in inspiring current and future bag designs. The future definitely looks brighter than ever at Jocasi, and many long-time fans will be delighted to know it is now independent once again.

The range of Jocasi bags are now selling on the official website at http://www.jocasi.com as well as local boutiques Kate Kuba (katekuba.co.uk) and Charli (charli.co.uk)  both situated on Muswell Hill Broadway.

Those wishing to contact Jocasi can email [email protected] –  alternatively you can call 0208 226 2109.


Lonsto House

Princes Lane

Muswell Hill N103LU

0208 226 2109

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