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Stepping into Spring

spring fashion

spring fashionIt’s time once again to think about Spring and the upcoming fashion trends we have to look forward to this year. This time around the focus seems to be largely on the past but with a modern flavour mixed in. We’re talking about the heady decade of the Sixties, which has influenced and inspired many trends we’ll be seeing in 2014.

Is everything black and white?

You might think so, upon first look at some of the stunning and eye catching fashion items in store. Black and white has often been chosen as a source of inspiration for new fashion, and they certainly had their place back in the Sixties. You can expect a fusion between these two long held favourites and another popular trend seen in more recent years as well – stripes.

pink skirtThat’s not to say you won’t see the odd splash of colour as well. This could be anything from bright and bold colours such as red and blue, to the ever popular pastels that always make a welcome appearance at this time of year.

Will you be green with jealousy?

You might be if you see some of the eye catching outfits to use this colour as their inspiration this year. Think anything from pastel green to big bold greens at the brighter end of the spectrum and you get the idea. The boldest use of this colour can be seen in a variety of emerald green looks to hit the catwalk. It’s also worth bearing in mind these bold colours can be used as accessories, teamed with a black and white outfit from this season’s newest styles as well.

pink dressThe old favourites are back with new looks too

Some people would say there is no point interfering with a classic. You can certainly say this of the ever popular dress styles that will still be around this spring.

Think of the wrap dress for example, and the sheath dress too. The difference this spring will be the colours they appear in. Think black and white designs both bold and quirky, as well as plain black or white. In this case you can team them with some of those brightly coloured accessories we spoke about earlier.

pink topAnother thing you’ll no doubt spot this spring is the plethora of prints that will appear, taking the season’s most popular colours as their inspiration. Checks, patterns and images will all appear and some of them will be available in local stores as well as via designers. It’s good to know the stores will be taking note of the most popular 2014 designs and trends, bringing them to a wide range of customers as a result.

So what will you seize on for inspiration this spring? Will it be the black and white trend you’ll start seeing everywhere? Will it be stripes either horizontally placed or vertically positioned, depending on what suits you best?

There is certainly a lot to take in this spring, so why not get started? My website of the month take a peek at www.another8.co.uk  Enjoy Caron x

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