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Health: Get in Shape Before the Xmas Season and get Ready to PAARRTY!

Get in Shape Before Xmas

Get in Shape Before Xmas

Get in Shape Before the Xmas Season

Another Party Season is upon us! Unbelievable! Is it just me or 2014 has gone in super speed? It was an amazing year, and now is time to get things ready for Christmas. At this time of the year, even some of the most healthy & fit people are going to indulge a little bit, others indulge a bit more and some of us overindulge.

It doesn’t matter which of those groups you belong to, my tip for you is: OFFSET IT! Yes, how about not feeling guilty after the company’s Christmas Party this year?

Just so you can think about it more clearly, the average Briton will put on 4lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. This is due to the increase in calorie consumption, most of which will be found at the bottom of a glass i.e. increased alcohol intake.

Thirty one percent of those polled had a ‘blow-out’ on Christmas Day – consuming a staggering 8530 calories! Around four times my daily consumption of 2000 calories. (And I train at high intensity around 90 minutes six days a week) The survey also revealed that it will take more than one third of us just over four months to shift those extra pounds.

So now that we are clear, let’s get down to business! The secret to a successful offset it is to burn through extra exercise those calories BEFORE we consume them. 8500 calories can be easily burnt in run up to the Christmas/ Boxing Day/ New Year ‘blow out’. And for every company or friend’s Christmas Party add 4500 calories to your equation! Yes, those wine glasses are loaded of calories. But it will all pay off when in January you look & feel great! Choose the type of exercise you like the most and Google (from a reliable source please!) how many calories per hour it burns, get your trainers on and get to work. Just so you have an idea, according to the British Heart Foundation, a 70 Kg 40 year old running on medium speed will burn around 800 calories per hour. So for that person the end of the year ‘blow out’ will cost around 10.5 hours of running. It sounds too much for you? So get some audio books, load your iPhone with music that inspires you and get started!

Any questions please feel free to email us! Happy training and see you around at our lovely parks.

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