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Enjoying Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

pregnancy massage Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

From pregnancy right through to birth and post-natal days, essential oils can help increase a feeling of well being, encourage restful sleep, soothe discomforts and help keep skin supple.  But while essential oils can offer excellent support, they should  be chosen and used with care during pregnancy and labour and also when breastfeeding and used on young children.

It’s generally accepted that essential oils shouldn’t be used during the first three months of pregnancy. At no other time will you be more aware of what you are eating and drinking, or applying to your skin.  During these early months enormous changes are taking place in the body, and some essential oils are considered too stimulating or strong for a pregnant woman’s vulnerable system.

Where does Aromatherapy help most?

It can help to deal with stress.

It will aid relaxation, help develop a positive outlook and therefore help with the birth. A happy, relaxed mother is one who is more likely to cope well with labour and to relax and bond with her baby afterwards.

It can help with general tiredness, aches and pains and provide relief from all kinds of minor pregnancy related ailments.

It can help back up and complement what has been learnt at relaxation and antenatal classes. Women who have experienced Aromatherapy are more likely to benefit from the relaxation techniques.

It can help to prevent stretch marks by nourishing the skin, and aid in helping the mother to feel good about herself during pregnancy.

Mothers to be who experience the benefits of aromatherapy are more likely to be in touch with their own bodies and their pregnancy.

The best way to receive an Aromatherapy massage is from a qualified practitioner. but having a massage from your partner or a friend at home is still beneficial and always welcome!. Gentle foot massage is especially recommended to help relieve tired and aching legs, swollen feet and fluid retention;  plus it can help alleviate tension and revive and re-energise a tired body.

Essential oil Baths

  • Aromatic baths, using specially chosen essential oils, can help aid restful sleep, ease discomfort and encourage relaxation while the soothing vapours help to increase feelings of well being
  • Pure essentials oils are very concentrated. During  pregnancy, add no more than 3 or 4 drops in a full warm bath.
  • Agitate (swish) the water around thoroughly to disperse the drops. Alternatively add drops to 5ml of full fat milk.

If you have any questions about using essential oils  or to book your Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage treatment contact  Terri Green at Green Room Aromatherapy and Wellness 020 3232 1036  www.greenroom-wellness.co.uk

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Pregnancy Massage  sessions take place in the peaceful setting of Green Room Aromatherapy Studio, 3c Wilson Street, Winchmore Hill N21;  each treatment personally tailored to suit individual client’s needs

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