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This is not my usual kind of article, but now is a time to stand up and be counted, so I needed to write it as a Londoner born and bred. I’ve lived in London all my life and I’m proud of my home town and the people in it. So when cowardly terrorists come knocking at our door with harmful intent, I can’t help taking it personally.

Let me begin by saying to any radicalised person with Jihadist sympathies who might be reading this, my message to you and all would-be terrorists is, “when you try to hurt us, you make us stronger!” Why? Because you make us sharply aware of our common humanity, you remind us that we are all brothers and sisters under the surface and our sorrow brings us closer together. This applies all over the UK, not just London.

Now is a time when it’s more important than ever for us to observe the behaviour of the Impeccable Warrior, and that’s exactly what we have been doing. When they shower us with hatred we hold a free and fair general election, when they try to maim and injure us we hold another rock concert, when they try to kill us we always bounce back and demonstrate our solidarity and love for each other. That’s the unshakable Impeccable Warrior in action.

There is much talk right now about there being too many immigrants in the UK. This sharply reminds me that I and many of my friends and family have descended from immigrants and if my great grandparents had not been allowed to come here back in the day, I probably wouldn’t exist, for my family would have been wiped out either by pogroms in the 19th Century, or by Nazism in the 1930’s or 40’s.

Therefore, like the vast majority of immigrants and their descendants, I feel a debt of immense gratitude to the UK which, by and large over the centuries, has been a shining beacon of progressive, tolerant, heart-driven behaviour – not perfect, but moving in the right direction.

Now it seems there are certain people who wish to abuse our hospitality by trying through violent means to impose their ideology or even their theology on us. To you I say, “wake up and smell the coffee. We’ve come a long way since the Crusades.”

To my fellow Londoners and all co-habitees of this planet, I urge you to maintain supreme awareness about what you are doing and feeling at this time. Never deny your feelings, be they fear, anger or sorrow, but never let your fellow humans teach you how to hate, however mentally and emotionally disturbed they might be. Remember the values that make you human and never abandon them.

Our young people can show us the way. If you are one of those who berate the younger generation for being in love only with their cell ‘phones and social media, take a look at the crowd at the One Love Manchester concert and you’ll see how radiant, creative, full of hope and bursting with vitality our young people actually are.

I’m not a politician, a policeman or a military man and I don’t have any solutions, though I do believe the pen is at least as mighty as the sword, which is why I, as a writer, felt I had to say something. The only thing we, the peace-loving majority, can do is to maintain our integrity and live by our values in the hope and belief that one day our example will be observed, respected and emulated by those unfortunate individuals who have been led astray from their true paths.
Finally, deep respect for all those killed, maimed, injured and traumatised in the recent terrorist attacks and also to the police and the authorities for doing a great job in preventing many more potential atrocities.

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