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Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note April_May 2018

Over the last few weeks I have had the misfortune to be confronted by a number of rude, self-absorbed people. A food delivery motorcyclist dangerously cut me up told me to [...]

Editor’s Note January 2018

This year our Christmas was spent up North. We joined forces with family and friends to celebrate our gorgeous niece’s 21st birthday on Christmas Eve with a surprise party. [...]

Editor’s Note for March 2016

They say “a change is a good as a rest” so with that in mind I threw us into a changing rooms scenario that would have put Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen to shame. The change [...]

Editor’s Note Dec 2015

Despite the usual hurry by the monoliths of trade to kick off Christmas in October, and with the exception of the few, admittedly well organised, people who shopped early, [...]

Editor’s Note: September 2014

Traveling abroad with kids The summer holidays whipped round sooner than expected and hubs and I were planning to take our 2 boys abroad for the first time. We were prepared, [...]

Editor’s Note August 2014

Becky Beach editorial. The decision to move from working in the city (long hours, booze and more long hours) to producing magazines that provided me the chance to champion [...]

Editor’s Note June 2014

The conversation went something like this: Archie: “Mum, Monty’s in my world” Me: “Yep that’s right” Archie: “No, I mean really in my world” Monty: “Yes [...]

April Editor’s Note

After 15 years in London I have decided to return to my Brummie roots. For those who may be eager to see me take my chunterings north of the Watford Gap I hasten to add this [...]
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