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In memory of Great Uncle Ray

  http://beckybeach.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Lets-face-the-Music-Archie.mp3 Recently we said goodbye to Great Uncle Ray. He was 104 years old and put his longevity [...]

Music: Q&A with Dol Vita

What are you listening to right now? Magdeline by Bear’s Den. It reminds me of the guy I kinda like and it gives me butterflies a little bit. He played them to me and I [...]

The Music Connection

An article on one of Crouch End's best loved music stores, 'Flashback Records' which can be found in Crouch Hill in Crouch End, North London. [...]

Bowie: A life well lived…

In the beginning there was Bowie. I can still remember the first time I heard his music. Eight years old and my mother had put Space Oddity on our old radiogram, I’d never [...]

Q&A Permanent Smilers

What are you listening to right now? The last album I listened to was The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn by Pink Floyd. I’m really into Syd Barrett. How did you get into music? [...]
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