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Finance tips for local businesses and residents as featured in Muswell Flyer – Crouch End Connection – Highgate Handbook

Going Limited

There is no legal obligation to trade using a particular entity type, but limited companies are a popular choice because of the tax position. Nevertheless there are a number [...]

Investor Outlook

In last month’s issue I wrote that George Osborne had delivered a budget with one eye on next year’s election by giving significant help to savers, particularly those who [...]

The Spring Budget

George Osborne has just delivered the spring budget as I sit down to write this and I can’t help thinking it is done with one eye on the economy and the other firmly fixed [...]

Planning a holiday?

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day, yes I do have some, and asked him what he was doing for Christmas this year. He replied that he was going to Australia to [...]
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