Local Magazines


Gardening advice from local gardening businesses as featured in the North London local magazines: Muswell Flyer – Highgate Handbook – Crouch End Connection


Q. We have a small garden in Muswell Hill and would like to plant a decorative tree. Can you advise on something suitable which we can enjoy but which won’t get too big. A. [...]


Q. We’ve just moved into a fairly typical town house sized garden, about 20m by 6m. There’s not much in the borders and we’d like it to be a productive edible garden. [...]

Ask Alfie – JULY 2015

Q. Don’t ask me why but I love the colour orange. Is it possible to have something orange performing in the garden all year round? A. You don’t need a “Why” to [...]

Ask Alfie May 2015

Q.We are finding it hard to keep our lawn in good condition. What are the pros and cons of installing artificial grass? A. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular [...]
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