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Looking for inspiration? Need some tips? Take a wander through these home-focused articles featured in the North London Magazines: Muswell Flyer – Highgate Handbook – Crouch End Connection

A Room With A View……

What if you could create a beautiful room where all comes to life? Where not only is the view gorgeous but is also in 3D – you can actually hear the birds sing and [...]

Q&A From Bibliotheque

What are Porcelain Tiles made of and are there different types? Bibliotheque’s manufacturers use 3 types of porcelain, which is a very dense, durable and hard wearing [...]

How to Keep Your House Warm

How to Keep Your House Warm House Warming with Style… Did you know standard double glazed windows allow 10 times more heat to flow through them? Imagine what the [...]

Chimney Safety Advice for Consumers

Chimney Safety Advice for consumers. UK fire statistics show that each year on average over 30 thousands houses have chimney fires. This will be largely due to not getting [...]
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