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At MPC Print Solutions we make the impossible possible every day. Impossible deadlines, impossible budgets, impossible specifications. We make things happen – we get a high quality job done and delivered on time. We find a way.It’s about making sure the formula is right: price, quality, reliability – and delivering those consistently.

Print is very competitive and we don’t claim that the quote you get from us will never be bettered by someone else. But we wouldn’t have been in business as long as we have if we weren’t pretty competitive and if we didn’t deliver a quality product on time.

If you come back to us with a genuine quote that’s lower, of course we will look at the price. We’ll all put our heads together and ask “if we can’t meet the price that way, how can we do it?” and come up with a solution.

We’re united by the end objective: to give you the best product we can, at the best price we can, within the deadline that you need.

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Distribution Team

Three Colours are specialists in leaflet and magazine distribution in London and Surrey. We cover all areas inside the M25 and specifically target the best areas for your business. We also ensure that only the right homes and businesses in that area are covered – making your promotional material even more efficient – reaching the right customers at the right time, in the right place.

Unlike many other companies, we don’t just saturate areas by delivering door to door on a postcode basis. We want your promotional material to have the best possible result – so we use our extensive experience and local knowledge for a more focused approach – giving you the best possible distribution strategy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have:

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