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Faces, faces, faces by Jacqueline and Jeremy Sinclair

Faces, faces, faces by Jacqueline and Jeremy Sinclair

Faces, faces, faces by Jacqueline and Jeremy Sinclair

”Faces in the garden, faces in the living room, faces in the cupboards, faces in the clouds- faces, faces, everywhere”. I was asked to review the new book Faces, Faces, Faces! By local authors Jacqueline and Jeremy Sinclair, but I think the children in my class at MTO Nursery, in Crouch End can do it for me.

This picture book asks the reader to find faces in inanimate objects that can be found around the home. The attention to detail is astounding, from smiling bowls of cereal in the kitchen, to a sour-faced toilet in the bathroom, the challenge isn’t just to find faces, but identify moods and expressions.

Research shows that babies are able to identify facial features almost from birth, but it is somewhat trickier to find faces in inanimate objects. This book challenges young children to think critically and creatively, to play, explore and engage with pictures in books, beyond literal interpretation. It stimulates conversation too.

For all the educational value of the book, the most important aspect is that it is fun! Having read this book several times over with my class, we’ve now taken to finding faces in inanimate objects in the nursery and when we are out and about. I asked the children how many stars they would give it out of 5. They gave it a unanimous….


And I would have to agree.

Book review by Vicci Parker


Faces, Faces, Faces is published by Doubleday (Random House)

The book I available locally in Highgate Bookshop and Owl Bookshop in Kentish Town Road

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