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Interrogating Ellie by Julian Gray

Book review

Book review. Interrogating Ellie by Julian Gray

Book Review

Heaving with unanticipated twists, Interrogating Ellie is an intriguing, thought-provoking novel based on a true story of a woman from the Channel Islands living in Nazi Austria during the second World War. The novel explores key issues of trust, hope, love and friendship and is told from the point of view of an ordinary citizen which meant the novel was remarkably true to life. Ellie Bauer, the main character, shows great courage as her marriage breaks down, being a single mother and as an English migrant woman in Nazi Austria. She displays extraordinary signs of strength and survival even in the toughest of situations.

One thing I particularly loved about this novel was that it was complete with detailed documents and letters. This helped to anchor the fictional storyline down to reality. It was also filled with historical content which was well researched and accurate. Usually I’m not too fond of “historical novels” but this was different as it had an engaging, easy to follow storyline. Another superb thing about this novel was it’s perspective! It was the first time I’ve read a novel set around WW1 or WW2 which wasn’t written from the view of someone living in Britain. In fact, it was the opposite- an English woman living and surrounded by the “enemy”. Consequently, the novel was even more compelling and contrasting. If you love a bit of suspense intertwined with a pinch of historical content and a heart warming storyline, I highly recommend this novel!

Review by Kate Fairhurst

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