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Sh*T Happens Magic Follows (allow it!) by Carmen Harris

Book review. Sh*T Happens Magic Follows

Sh*T Happens Magic Follows by Carmen Harris

Wow…This book is a real eye opener! It makes your mind whirl with new thoughts and makes your brain go tick tick tick. This is an inspiring documentation of Carmen Harris’s incredible life story of how she coped through racial discrimination as she moved from Jamaica to London, living as a single mother with little money, becoming an accomplished author and most fascinatingly, a positively skillful healer.

book review Sh*T Happens Magic Follows

Sh*T Happens Magic Follows by Carmen Harris

This book is spiritually valuable, highly enjoyable and compact with important, beautiful quotes. One of my favourite quotes was; “In every unfortunate situation there is also a presence of magic”. It perfectly explains how that in the most dreadful of times, there is the existence of magic, perhaps a bit of hope or some form of healing if we simply “allow it”. All of the meaningful quotes and ambiguous but lovely messages are in many ways helpful guidelines for our own lives and journeys, making this book truly inspirational and cleverly written. While being very insightful and enlightening, there is also an authentic humorous tone and plenty of colloquial language to help to create realistic images as well being a slightly easier read.

This was an incredible read, a revelation and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I would  definitely recommend this as I believe it could help and touch anybody. It really made me re-evaluate my own views and opened my eyes to a comforting thought; that no matter what, everything will be alright even if it seems pretty sh*t at the time.

Review by Kate Fairhurst

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