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I have been tending the gardens of North London for longer than I care to remember accumulating a huge amount of horticultural knowledge along the way.

Ask Alfie – May

Q. I am a Prince fanatic and in tribute to the legend I think some purple plants are in order. Foliage or flowers for a typical town garden, not very sunny, nasty London [...]

Ask Alfie: January 2017

I’m planning to grow some vegetables this year, but would like them to look good in the garden as well as taste good. Any suggestions? Yes, perhaps it’s fair to say that [...]

Ask Alfie – September 2016

Q.Why have my 2 blueberry bushes only given me 10 berries between them when my uncle’s single bush has fed almost all of Church Stretton?! A.To answer your question I [...]

Ask Alfie March 2016

Q. I noticed on your Twitter feed that you’d identified Ribes Sanguineum flowering early in Alexandra Park. Can I buy this shrub or could I take a cutting? A. You should be [...]

Ask Alfie January 2016

Q. I’m not having much luck with my attempts at composting. Can you give some tips to help me achieve better results? A. Good composting is a highly individual matter and [...]


Q. We have a small garden in Muswell Hill and would like to plant a decorative tree. Can you advise on something suitable which we can enjoy but which won’t get too big. A. [...]


Q. We’ve just moved into a fairly typical town house sized garden, about 20m by 6m. There’s not much in the borders and we’d like it to be a productive edible garden. [...]

Ask Alfie – JULY 2015

Q. Don’t ask me why but I love the colour orange. Is it possible to have something orange performing in the garden all year round? A. You don’t need a “Why” to [...]

Ask Alfie May 2015

Q.We are finding it hard to keep our lawn in good condition. What are the pros and cons of installing artificial grass? A. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular [...]
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