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A crucial life-skill to dramatically improve your life

Dave Robson

life coachIn this month’s article we come right to the heart of one of the most crucial life-skills you can use to dramatically improve your life, the Behaviour of the Impeccable Warrior.

The Impeccable Warrior is not someone who goes around waging war on a whim with all and sundry. On the contrary, he or she is a person whose behaviour is always perfectly in alignment with his or her core beliefs, values and code of ethics. He does only what he is passionate about and he minds his own business.

The Impeccable Warrior always trusts his intuition, gut feeling, instincts and hunches and will only proceed with something if it feels right. Above all he is consistently true to himself.

That’s because by behaving in such an impeccable fashion he automatically feels good about himself, he believes in himself, so feelings of conflict do not arise. The Impeccable Warrior never has anything to reproach himself for, whatever happens. The Behaviour of the Impeccable Warrior is an inspiring metaphor for how to live your life honourably.

In order to make this possible, the Warrior must, of course, spend as much time as it takes to get to know himself inside out.

Dave RobsonLet’s take as an example a woman going through a marriage break-up. she tries everything she can think of, she leaves no stone unturned, she even goes with her husband to marriage counselling, before she is finally convinced the relationship is beyond salvation and there is nothing more she can do.

Because she has gone the extra mile, though the break-up is painful, she knows in her heart she is doing the right thing and has nothing to reproach herself for.

This is especially important if children are involved, because although they will inevitably feel hurt, they will at least witness their mother behaving with integrity, and that really, really matters.

Let’s take another example of someone about to leave school after A levels. This young man wants with all his heart to be an opera singer, but his parents insist he should go to university to study law, in the belief that then he’ll be set up with a highly paid and secure career for life.

While that is probably true and shouldn’t be sniffed at, in his heart the young man is a musician, not a solicitor. That means that no matter how “successful” he becomes as a lawyer, he will never excel or be truly happy and fulfilled. He will never rise above the ordinary. Compromising, especially with yourself, never leads to true satisfaction.

The Impeccable warrior sticks to his guns. He sings his heart out till he achieves true mastery despite the risks, despite his parents and whatever the price. Then he has every chance of giving his gift to the world, the gift he was put on this planet to give us, and he will never say to himself, “if only I’d listened to my heart…”

Whatever happens, he will be free from bitter regrets, and his self-esteem remains intact. That means he can live with himself.

Now of course I’m not suggesting anyone should go for an unconventional career just for the hell of it. In this example, the young man had a serious passion and talent for opera singing, or his efforts would have been futile. But we all have a particular talent or gift and sometimes it’s not so easy to spot. That’s why we have to get to know ourselves inside out.

Then, like the Impeccable Warrior, the “correct” path for you to follow will become self-evident.

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