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Four Things For Your Business To Do During The Summer


We all need a bit of down time. And as the sun tantalises us with promises of summer we’re all dreaming of the moment we down tools and sip beer or a Mojito without having to worry about work.

But remember, just because you are cutting some slack doesn’t mean the world and its dog is coming along with you (it’d be pretty crowded on your beach if they did). So whilst it’s true that it maybe quieter during the summer, pulling the plug on your advertising in order to fund the beer kitty is a short term measure with little or no benefit.

Let me give you some scenarios:

Whilst you’re getting burnt in the sand-dunes, Mrs Ostlethorpe at number 37 has found she has an urgent need for your service. She’s looked for your advert several times but can’t find it so, she’s gone somewhere else.


When you get back you suddenly realise that there’s too much month at the end of the money and you need more business. So you rush out and place lots of adverts all over the place but not very much happens and now you’re left with even less money and still too much month.

Running a business is hard enough without the fear of losing everything you have worked for if you take a holiday. So, if you want to ditch your worries, kick back and enjoy yourself, here are a few suggestions to help you achieve a zen like state on holiday:

  1. If you can, create a specific appeal or promotion by skewing your promotion to give it a ‘summer theme’. For example “Get your body into tip top tanning condition and book your body scrub by [dd/mm]”
  2. Offer a discount to push people into a time slot that following your return back to reality e.g. “Book your boiler service to take place in [Month] and receive a 10% discount”.
  3. Get an answering service – someone like Red Desk VA – who can look after your emails/calls and get people booked in for work on your return. Having a virtual assistant answer the phone saying “Joe’s not available this week but is offering a special discount for September bookings” is much more conducive to business than your potential new client realising that the foreign ring tone means you’re knocking back the tequilas in Ibiza
  4. If budget is the issue drop down an advert size (or two)


If you’re wondering how to go about buffing up your summer advertising, please give me a call to see how I can help.   Get in touch on 07976 869435 or email becky@beckybeach.net

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