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It’s never too early to write a Will but often too late


Did you know that if you die without a Will, you have no control over who inherits your wealth?

Roger Bourdon of City & Country Financial Services says that if there is one thing you should do in 2016 it’s to write a Will

If you already have one get it checked to make sure it complies with current legislation and meets your wishes.

Roger (below) said “City & Country Financial Services’ free home visiting service has made things easier for clients.  Home visits are popular for those who find it difficult to get to our central London office.  People are also a lot more relaxed at home as well as having any relevant paperwork close to hand.”

But Roger is concerned that having a Will is not at the top of people’s agenda.  Yet the implications of passing away without a proper Will in place could leave big problems for those left behind.  “People often say that they intend to write their Will but cannot find the time, so it just sits on their ‘to do list’ and creates a massive problem for those left behind when they die.”

“However if you don’t make a Will then you have no control over who will inherit all you own and have worked so hard to achieve.  If you are married then your spouse’s inheritance could be limited.”

“If you are co-habiting your lifetime partner could end up with nothing.  If you have children from a previous relationship, they could end up with nothing and if your spouse or partner marries after your death your children could receive nothing too.  For the sake of a one-hour appointment all this could be avoided”

“Our service means we can fit in with our clients, even if that means an evening or weekend discussion”

As well as making the initial process much easier, City & Country Financial Services makes it far more likely that people will keep their Wills up-to-date as they also offer a free annual review

For further details contact Roger at his office on 020 3137 0500 or on his mobile 07958 221460

Email: roger.bourdon@ccfs.london

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