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Will You Be Burying Your Mother In The Back Garden?

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As bizarre as it sounds that’s exactly what a man from Hampshire did just a few months ago, when he found out the costs of a church burial.  Sadly it’s a true story which you can read about here: snip.ly/yzank

Alongside the significant amount of strain on emotions, funerals will also place a huge burden on your bank balance too. Paying for a funeral is currently averaged at £4,000 in London and that is money that has to be found upfront ahead of any distribution of the deceased’s estate.

So, if you someone close to you dies today, could you find £4,000 to pay the local Funeral Director? And what about the £11,000 a funeral is expected to cost in just 15 years’ time?

Roger Bourdon at City & Country Financial Services has important advice to offer about how the increase in costs can be dealt with. He said: “Putting our affairs in order is one of the most responsible things we can ever do. I have been writing Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney for many years, but recently I have seen many struggling to pay for their funeral.   In June the national newspapers even featured the story mentioned at the beginning about John Wright from New Milton in Hampshire who decided he would have to bury his mother in his back garden because of the high cost of funerals!

“It shouldn’t be like this, we should all have a proper funeral and a fitting service to commemorate our lives.

“This is why funeral plans are so important because taking one out now freezes the costs of the Funeral Director’s services at today’s prices, protecting you against future rises in these fees.

“You can spread the cost over a 5-year period but if you are over 50 you can opt to pay a fixed monthly fee instead which starts at less than £20 a month.  You can then relax knowing your monthly payments will never go up and neither will your Funeral Director’s costs and what’s more you will be fully covered after you have made your first 12 payments.

“If you know you will be responsible for the funeral arrangements of a family member or someone close to you, did you know you can take out a plan for them without them ever having to know you have done so?

“Our plan provider is the only UK company offering totally green funeral plans.

“Pre-planning and paying for your funeral is one of the most thoughtful things you can do to help those close to you cope with bereavement.  Why not do it today and get on with your life?

For further information contact Roger:

roger.bourdon@ccfs.london or call either 07958 221460 or 020 3137 0500.

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