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Gaining Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

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Recently we’ve started managing the social media for a local garage and discovered that their Facebook page was set up as a Business Page rather than a personal page about their business.

Firstly what is the difference?  Many of us have a personal profile on Facebook which allows us to interact with other people liking and sharing their content.  A personal page about your business is really an extension of this.  You can log in under your personal profile and then “use Facebook as the business” which again allows you to like and share content with other pages or people.

social mediaA Business Page on the other hand is designed for business owners who don’t want to have to manage a personal profile or who don’t want to interact outside their Business Page ie:

  • There is no newsfeed containing updates of other “Pages”, so no opportunity to interact
  • No search box to search for any Pages or people on Facebook

Therefore if you are aiming to grow brand awareness, how can you increase your likes on your Business Page?  Global brands have massive marketing budgets and often ask us to “like” their Business Page but if your budget is somewhat smaller then you have to be slightly inventive.

  1. Have a proper signature block on emails that has a link to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Invite likes from other social media i.e twitter, email contacts on Linkedin
  3. Consider setting up an Instragram or Pinterest account as images can be shared on your Facebook Business Page
  4. Ensure you have a Facebook button on your  website
  5. You can also have “like” buttons on your website so other people can link to Facebook
  6.  Invite your email contacts
  7. Run a competition to build awareness of your brand
  8.  Boost a post by advertising on Facebook. This is very easy to do and it works well.  You could use this to build the likes quickly to start off with then run a competition to build steadily afterwards
  9. If you have other forms of advertising, always include the Facebook URL on the advertising.

So if you’ve decided that setting up a Facebook Page for Business is for you then the Social Media Examiner have a great step-by-step guide.

As usual, if you need any help or advice on the above, please do get in touch.

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