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How To Find Your Passion

how to find your passion

how to find your passionIn last month’s article I promised that this month we’d examine the above topic, so here we go…

As I’ve said many times, people occasionally try to convince me they don’t feel passionately about anything. Of course I don’t believe them. I understand that some people sincerely believe they have no passion because they are not aware of what it is, but I believe everyone has a passion, though it might be deeply hidden.

There are many reasons why we repress our emotions. We might become guarded when we meet someone attractive of the opposite sex because last time we gave our heart we were hurt and we fear being hurt again. However, that does not alter the fact that if you are alive you have a beating heart that is capable of feeling pain, love, grief, sorrow, happiness – and passion!

Others fear losing control, believing that passion is an extreme emotion that could take you over, and they avoid going there for fear of being overwhelmed.

That’s the whole point, of course – that fantastic feeling of being swept off your feet. Passion is indeed an extreme emotion that can take you over, but as long as you follow your heart, why should that be a problem? On the contrary, profound satisfaction and fulfilment could be your reward if you’ll only take the plunge. Sir Patrick Moore was obviously besotted by astronomy, but it didn’t do him any harm.

Now let’s talk about what you do in your everyday life, and please note I did not say what you do for a living. How many times do I hear something like, “I’d love to be a basket weaver, but I could never make a living doing that.” And because of that belief (which may or may not be true), you never weave any baskets. Incidentally, “I’d love to be (or do)…” means “I’m passionate about … It comes from my heart.”

I had a client who was passionate about playing cards. He was a collector and eventually he opened a thriving shop specialising in this very niche market. He never looked back. I had another client who was very keen on postage stamps from a particular African country. He too was a collector but he decided to follow his heart towards his even stronger passion – he became a conservationist!

Here’s my golden rule: If you want to truly find your most heartfelt passion, you need to get to know yourself inside out. The best way to do that is by the silent meditation method I teach my clients (the subject of another article early next year), which will help you raise your self-awareness and get deep insights into what makes you tick. If you think you might be in denial about your passion, rather than chasing after it by “fighting” your resistance, allow your passion to emerge and become self-evident. And when you notice it, or a clue, grab it with both hands!

Forget about money for the moment, that’s an entirely different question. First find your passion and don’t use money, or any other excuse, to hide from it. Maybe you’ll do something else to earn a living.

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