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How to Manage Your Business Time More Efficiently: Virtual Assistant Life Hacks

Manage Your Business Time

Life Hacks. Manage Your Business Time More Efficiently

How to Manage Your Business Time More Efficiently

We keep coming across the phrase “life hacks” (meaning tips, tricks, skills adopted to manage your time more efficiently and simplify your world) and thought, hang on a minute, that’s what a Virtual Assistant does!  So welcome to Red Desk’s life hacks!

Make your office virtual

Do you have piles of paperwork and post it reminders stuck to every surface? Pull those reminders off and email them over to your VA. She will diarise your reminders and ask you about them when the time is right.

With regards to paperwork, if your VA is local you can drop off those piles of paperwork. She will magically transform them into pdf copies, accessible at any time of day from dropbox by way of a scanner and a shredder!

Telephone answering service

Companies such as Moneypenny and Office Answers will answer the phone for you, take a message and email you. You will no longer be interrupted all day by unnecessary telephone calls and will be able to call back in your own time.

An alternate solution is PhoneTag which uses technology to convert voicemails into a text or email!

Virtual contract tools

Red Desk have been using EchoSign for a while now for handling our client agreements, and we can’t speak more highly of it.  It will save you time, postage and of course trees by handling all your contracts online (Google have their own version DocuSign & Apple have E-sign).


Have you been stuck with the same stationery supplier for years and put up with the ever increasing cost rather than look around for another one? A virtual assistant can be tasked with finding you an alternative stationery supplier, a more competitively priced broadband service or even someone to come and replace your windows.  We are great networkers so keep a list of useful contacts or know who to ask if a particular service doesn’t feature in our list.

Time and budget efficient

Hiring a VA, like one of the Red Desk team means you have access to business support services at any time but only pay for the time the VA has spent on each task or project.  We will use services such as Royalmail.com which allows us to weigh and print postage from our office rather than bill you for time we spend in a post office queue!

We’d love to hear your favourite office-related life hacks, so please get in touch if you have any.

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