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Messages sending around to all your Apple devices?

iMessage is the messaging service that happens between iPhone users more or less without any setup needed.

If your chat bubbles start turning blue it means you are messaging someone who is also using an Apple device and iMessage is set up and working for you.

While it’s great most of the time and allows you to quickly send messages and images in an instant it can also be a slight annoyance if messages start flying everywhere between your other Apple devices.

A quick fix for this if you only want messages to appear on your iPhone:

  1. Head into Settings > Messages
  2. Click on “Send & Receive”
  3. Tap on your email in blue and tap on “Sign Out”
  4. You should now have only your phone number below checked.
  5. All done!

There is one catch however, some people may have already been messaging you through your Apple ID email address (in blue) without realising it.

If you have another Apple device such as an iPad you may need to reply to them on there initially just to let them know they are to message you on your number from now on!

The same tip above applies for FaceTime too.

Follow the same steps but head into “FaceTime” rather than “Messages” to start with.

By Adriano Morini

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