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5 Techniques to Heat Up Your Summer Advertising

summer advertising tips

Advertising tips for the Summer

My other title for this article was “How not to give away your business because you think the whole word is going on holiday” but my tech guys said it wouldn’t work with SEO. Anyway, moving swiftly on!

For most industries and businesses, this time of year generally signals a slowdown. Yet, if you’re canny enough you’ll realise this slowdown also presents amazing opportunities for businesses to market themselves.

No, that wasn’t a really bad joke so you can stop laughing at the back. And, no, I haven’t lost the plot either – here’s why.

Consumers aren’t robots.

There isn’t an “on/off” switch (although I quite fancy a “sleep” mode for my kids)

Consumers don’t just “shut off”.

They’re still using mobile devices, still communicating, still checking email, and still visiting websites. The frequency might be less across all of these activities, but the world doesn’t stop in the summer. And neither do people stop spending money.

However, somewhat ironically most businesses don’t spend as much on advertising during the summer

So my advice is take advantage. If the competition is far less, if there’s less marketing clutter and marketing noise then what are you waiting for? The rewards are there for those who do spend and invest during this time.

If consumers are generally more relaxed and spending more money in the summer, advertisers who get their message or brand out there in front of them can see significant returns. This isn’t a time to kick back and relax and put your business on auto-pilot. If you work hard while other people aren’t and invest in marketing when other people aren’t, it stands to reason that you’ll be ahead of the game with less to make up in the autumn when most industries start to ramp up the competition.

It doesn’t mean you can’t bunk off yourself for a bit of R&R. But before you do, if you really focus on advertising in the summer, you and your message can stand out much more.

Plus you may be able to purchase a bundle deal for advertising cheaper.

Now, give that some thought in between sips of your pina colada.

Stuck for ideas on how to take advantage of this “summer slump”? Here’s a few to help ramp up your marketing techniques:

Evaluate Your Products/Services

Chances are you have a product or service that is uniquely qualified for summer advertising. It may not be your most popular item or even one you promote year round. For example, a day spa or salon could focus cooling based therapies that draw consumers out of the heat. A chimney sweep could offer to undertake the annual cleaning while the owner is away. Take a minute to think about unique products or services you offer that would be particularly useful or beneficial during the summer and feature those in your advertising.

Invoke the feeling of ‘now’.

The ‘dog days of summer’ don’t last forever and consumers want to maximize their short amount of holiday time. Use that feeling in your advertising to appeal to this inherent sense of urgency brought on by the summer. Run a limited time offer on summer staples to let your customers know that you’re the one stop shop for summer must-haves. Or, run a special on common services you provide, but remind customers how much easier it is to “fit it all in” when the schedule is less busy.

Make a Splash.

Consumers aren’t the only ones who have limited time to maximise their summer days. As a small business owner, you can maximise your time by getting straight to the point in your ads. Feature your main offer front and centre so your customers see it first. Focus on satisfying a need or showcasing how your primary offering is essential to the consumer’s lifestyle right now.

Paint a picture.

After you’ve grabbed the consumer’s attention with your main offer, encourage them to imagine how they will use your product. Since you’ve chosen a summer appropriate product or service to feature, it should be easy to detail how a customer can benefit from coming by your business instead of the competition. Use the body of your advertisement to tell a story that ends with the consumer walking through your door.

Bring in a second pair of eyes.

Everyone suffers from lack of focus sometimes in the summer. Don’t let your advertising suffer from any wandering attention by running it by a second person. Another set of eyes could be the difference between a sizzling advertisement and a lukewarm offer.

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