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Are we too afraid?


Not so very long ago there was a high speed chase which ended with a car crashing into the shop front of two businesses in Crouch End. It was very scary – see here

People on the street immediately rushed forwards to help both the businesses that were affected and also the driver. Unfortunately, the person who tried to assist the driver was punched in the face and the driver ran off 🙁

In addition to the immediate response provided on the street, the help continued to flow with offers of space for temporary offices and access to Wi-Fi as well as the ubiquitous cups of tea and food.

That’s what people do when the chips are down – they offer help.

But it’s not just restricted to scenarios of devastation.

Help is on hand if we reach out and ask for it, but we rarely do.

I’m sure there are many and varied grounds for the reluctance, but I’d put my kids’ pocket money on the main reason we often hesitate to ask is because we don’t believe we can get what we’re asking for.

Unless you are requesting the secret ingredient for Coca-Cola, then asking another business owner or friend or partner a question is more likely to be productive than not. Trust in people’s generosity – you’ll be surprised at how the love flows back to you.

So, if you have a query about marketing your business feel free to get in touch; there is no secret formula other than consistency (but you knew that anyway!) but I’m happy to offer feedback if you’d like some.

Becky Beach
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