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Are you being too subtle?


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We live in an age fraught with political correctness. We tie ourselves up in knots trying to devise messages that evoke a need in consumers to buy our products without offending them in the process. But in the midst of trying to strike the right balance we run the risk of dumbing down the message.

Should we be more direct?

Something my cat did made me realise that it’s absolutely fine to show people exactly what it is we want them to do.

We have two cats Sparky and Stampy (we also have our neighbour’s cat, Pippo, who has adopted us but that’s another story). Sparky decided that he wanted the food that Stampy had in his bowl. He stood patiently by the side of Stampy but Stampy wasn’t moving. So Sparky used a bit of muscle and “bumped” Stampy out of the way. Stampy looked slightly startled but then moved over and started eating out of the other bowl. Sparky got what he wanted & surprisingly there was no Mexican stand-off. So it just goes to show that being direct doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose out.

Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that you should rush out and surprise the nearest person by bumping the other shopkeeper or tradesman out of the way and demanding that they purchased from you instead. However if your current business promotions aren’t working in the way you’d hoped it’s worthwhile taking a look at what you’re doing to see if you’re being too subtle about it.

So, whilst we’re on the subject on being direct *clears throat*. In a modern world, where social media and e-marketing are used so prolifically by businesses, people seem to think that paper advertising is a waste of money. In fact you couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst print advertising (which includes such stalwarts as mail-outs by post, newspaper and magazine advertising, press releases, editorials, leaflet and poster campaigns) may not be the new jam, it is a tried and tested format that works well and should always form part of your marketing arsenal. If you’re not using print advertising then you will be missing out.

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