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Before anyone gets too alarmed, this is not an email about your preferences for sofa coasting or otherwise. It’s a couple of examples of good and not-so-good positioning of marketing material.

So let’s start with the “could have done better” piece. I came across it whilst perambulating back home after the school run. To be honest, if I weren’t in the business of marketing it probably wouldn’t have caught my attention (Note to self: must get out more often). The copy itself reads well (although a tad on the stiff side) and I think would have worked well as an email or mail shot and in case you’re agog at the chance to read it – here you go:

Notwithstanding the brilliance of the copy, the position was thus:

Admittedly the telephone box was adjacent to a job centre and the person who wrote it may have taken a chance in trying to catch the job centre’s manager’s eye. But I wager that they expended more in terms of the time it took to put it up plus the cost of the paper and glue than payback actually gained.

The other piece of marketing came in the guise of a flyer sent out with the delivery of a “La Cloche” I had bought for the chef (in case you want to know, it’s a baking dome for bread which gives a great crust; but I digress) and here it is:

It was a clever bit of positioning because in the first flush of “new toy” syndrome the chances of me/the chef taking advantage of buying more stuff to make bread with were high; ergo the hit rate for Bakery Bits was worth the cost of printing the offer card and the discount.


Have you reviewed where your marketing is recently? If not, it’s worth taking an hour to reassess and make sure it’s hanging out with the right crowd. BTW, if any of your crowds are based in Muswell Hill, Highgate, Crouch End, Hornsey, Winchmore Hill, Grange Park, Southgate, Barnet, Cockfosters or High Barnet then I can help you. Do get in touch for details about rates and deadlines for the November and December issues.

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