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Do The Hustle

Do The Hustle

Marketing adviceI was talking to someone the other day about their business. They were trying to ramp up their sales by appearing online and having worked out what was needed had implemented a website, email marketing, social media & Linked-In profiles as well as being incredibly helpful by offering hints and tips on their blog.

But the business wasn’t flowing to them in the way they had envisaged. Although a lady never reveals her age, I started rambling about how “back in the day” there was a time when the internet wasn’t available. Yes, it’s incredible to think, however, the early 1990’s was an era where you could switch on a computer, enter your login details, make a round of drinks for an office of 20 and still find yourself tapping your foot waiting for the login to go through. (And should you accidentally log out, well the air would turn blue.)

That slowness was short lived as the internet grew exponentially and turned into the metaphorical equivalent of Usain Bolt providing the ability to move at the speed of light through fibre optic cables to the other side of the world or closer to home in your neighbour’s house.

Given all of this, it would be a fair assumption to make that if you jump on the internet gravy train you would see high speed returns.

But here’s the rub: getting in front of people isn’t the same as gaining their attention and/or getting them to buy.

You STILL need to hustle.

If you didn’t have the internet you’d have to do things the (pre-90’s) old fashioned way such as:

Call people,

Place an advert,

Devise offers that distinguish you from your competitors

Show up at networking events,

Write sales letters

Sell face-to-face.

Whilst the internet makes things faster and to some extent easier and cheaper, it doesn’t give you a “get out of marketing free” card. You can’t pass go and collect £200 unless you play by the rules. So, take a back step and imagine how you’d market your business without the internet. Once you have that sussed out (to a lesser or greater degree) you will see how the internet can help you to “Do the Hustle”.


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PS: For those too young to know or those old enough to know better here’s a link to Van McCoy with a hotch-pot of dancers (none of which I think were for the song!)


BE WARNED: listen to the tune and it’ll be your earworm!

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