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Google Local, Google +, Google My Business: What’s it all about?

Google Local entry

In recent times Google have been gradually changing the way we manage our Google Local and Google + accounts, in an attempt to streamline the process and make it more user friendly.   These changes however have left many very confused.


  • Google My Business is the dashboard by which you manage your Google Local and Google + accounts, Insights and Google AdWords.
  • Google Local gives a location of your business on Google Maps plus a brief overview of your business
  • Google + is the social media part of your account much like Facebook (also accessible from gmail account)

We live in a world where it is essential for small businesses to have a presence on Google and  it is therefore essential to claim your Google Local entry.  For most customers your Google Local entry will be their first port of call and for that reason Google have enhanced them giving you greater opportunity to include good information, great images and good reviews.  Customers may not even make it to your website, your Google Local entry may be the decisive factor as to whether they call or not.

How to Claim Your Google Listing

If you search for your business in Google, your website should come up in the main body of the screen and then on the right hand side, your Google listing should be visible.

If you can’t see it or you don’t have access just yet then you will need to claim your entry by going to Google My Business. Click “Start Now”.  Type in your business name and check that the rest of the address is correct. Verify and then confirm your business.

How to Improve Your Google Local Entry

Are the pictures of your location attractive?  Sometimes the Google car image used of the exterior of your business isn’t the most attractive.  You can upload your own images, or try to move the Google pin to show off your business from a more attractive angle rather than showing the back alley way or your bins!

Do you have any reviews? Encourage loyal clients to review you and then when people search for your business they will see all those lovely 5 star reviews.  Do take note that you may end up with a random score like 4.8 (even if all your reviews are 5 star) due to their algorithm.  Also your Google Local Entry will gather the ratings from other websites such as Facebook and Yelp.

With this change emphasis & build in the importance of Google Local entries we now advise that if you’re pushed for time your Google Local entry should take priority over Google +.  You should monitor the ‘insights’ and reviews & make sure your Google Local entry is a good first impression of your business.

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