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How to boost your business through sponsorship 

eggs in 1 basket, other baskets empty

Sticking your proverbial marketing eggs in one basket is not for the fainthearted. Your marketing should take many forms and mixing it up ensures that your name is seen far and wide. 

The most obvious forms of marketing are print, digital and networking. Lagging slightly behind that in the popularity stakes are trade shows and taking to the high street dressed up as a funky chicken. Way, way behind any of these, and not for any good reason I can think of is, sponsorship.

By supporting a good cause, not only do you benefit from the advertising, but you also get the kickback of positive publicity which in turn encourages potential customers to choose your business over not-so-generous competitors. And whilst I’m on a roll about the positives, here’s another BIG + – you don’t need a huge big budget to make a big sponsorship splash. Whether you have gazillions to part with or just your time, sponsorship marketing will undoubtedly boost your small business.

There are various types of sponsorships your business can take advantage of and generally businesses tend to sponsor non-profit organisations, community events, or individuals for one or more of the following three key benefits:

Targeting a niche market: for example if you’re vet or a dog groomer then supporting local dog shows would give you the perfect audience to put your business name in front of.

Driving sales: if you are a Virtual Assistant you might choose to sponsor the Information Point at a local fair giving you the chance to deliver promotional messages and convert your recipient’s supporters into your own customers.

Distinguish your business above competitors: in a crowded market place it can be difficult to make your business stand apart from your competitor. If, however, your business shows a commitment to the local community you stand a greater chance of seeing reciprocity as unconsciously or not, people make purchasing decisions based on ethics and generally gravitate towards companies that care.

Types of Sponsorships

Here are just some of the ways you can give back AND boost your small business.

Pro Bono Service: offer your services to a non-profit organisation in exchange for their publicity of you and you will generate positive brand awareness for only the price of your time.

Cash Donations:  in an age of social media, the potential impact of a cash donation is no longer just for the rich. £50 can provide with you with a digital hype as well as a logo on a banner or an advert in a local Am-Dram theatre programme. Obviously if you can donate a larger amount then it will increase the levels of exposure. 

Prize Donations: making a prize donation is a fabulous sponsorship opportunity for small businesses. They only cost as much as you want them to; it gets your business name out to a lot of potential winners, and it give winners the chance to try your product/service for free with the possibility chance they may return as a paying customer. 

OVER TO YOU: if this article has whetted your appetite for sponsorship marketing, email becky@beckybeach.net  and I’ll send you information about local events across North London that you could support.

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