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How to get your advertising on point


My eldest son, Archie, has a brilliant mind. It is crammed full of facts and information, ranging from the history of WW1, to an analysis of how the Marvel movies link to the forthcoming Avengers’ film End Game, to the best way to send a large video via messaging.

This is not the boast of a proud parent. My meandering paragraph has a point and I will get to that shortly.

Archie has Asperger’s Syndrome and apart from having a brilliant mind one of his other traits is that he doesn’t comprehend that people may not have a similar level of interest in the same subjects as him.

When Archie speaks to you about something, what you get is everything he knows about that subject. His inability to marshal thoughts, coupled with an earnest need to impart all known facts, means the brain-to-mouth-filter function gets switched off. Adults that meet Archie for the first time are always impressed with the level of detail and knowledge he has. Accordingly they are more easy going and give Archie room to carry on, whilst simultaneously processing the information so they can work out what &/or where the (one-sided) conversation is heading. Kids on the other hand give Archie a short shrift and tell him to “Get to the point”. And getting to the point is the exactly the point I want to make, because it is an important factor in your advertising.

We are surrounded by an Archie-like cascade of marketing information at all times. We see and hear adverts through the TV, radio, social media, email, bus stops, the internet, delivery vans – the list is endless! That’s a lot of noise to cut through and people seeing your advert aren’t going to be as accommodating as adults are towards Archie; they are more likely to take the same approach as the kids i.e. “Get to the point”.

Let me give you an example. Which of the following two opening lines would pull you in more to explore an advert?

“At Beauty Boosters Clinic you can purchase a world class serum that has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles when used daily for four weeks”



I know which one would make me sit up and take more notice.

If you haven’t reviewed your advertising/marketing for a while, take 10 minutes out of your day to look over it. See what “fluff” can be deleted or better still replaced with something that positions you as the go-to person for your service. If you can’t see the wood for the trees and need some help in figuring it out, get in touch to see how I can assist you.

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