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Perfection in Business is Vastly Overrated

Marketing your business

Perfection in business is vastly overrated, yet so many people in business strive for flawlessness. Most times “good” is good enough. (Yes, I know that there are some exceptions to this – but they are just that, exceptions, therefore there aren’t that many of them, so you’re not wriggling off the hook).

“But”, I hear you cry “How do I know when it’s done?”

You don’t, and in fact this is actually the wrong question to ask, because being honest with you, “it” is NEVER done. You will ALWAYS find something else that needs tweaking if you keep on looking at it. While you’re busy tweaking and honing to perfection you are actually stalling and wasting time.

Here’s an example.

I send out emails with tidbits of information about how to market your business.

I spend quite a bit of time writing them and setting them.

Sometimes, just as I am about to hit the “send” button, I see that:

my grammar; went a bit shonky; or

one of the paragraphs hasn’t aligned properly; or

the red text I was using to emphasise a word has bled across a whole sentence. 

But I still press send.

You see to me mailing out a poorly crafted sales letter will always out-perform the beautifully written, perfectly crafted sales letter that I never get round to sending because I am still tweaking it.

It is much better to take action, albeit not completely perfect action, than to remain stationary and not move.

Businesses don’t grow if you don’t move.

So, ask yourself, are you stalling in your business right now? Be honest and if you are then stop whatever you’re tweaking, quit stalling and GET IT OUT THERE!

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