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All Quiet on the High Street

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Let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you saw your local high street deserted?  As in, no one out there; just damp drizzle?

If you’re as old as me I’d take a guess that it was pre-1994 i.e. before Sunday trading was introduced. (For those youngsters reading this, yes, once upon a time there was a day in the week where there was NOTHING to do – apart from go to church, bake or run around outside with your mates (if you were under the age of 16, allegedly), listen to Sing Something Simple AND the pubs shut at 10.30pm)

I’m struggling to think of a time in the last 2 decades when I saw the high street empty. Yes, it’s true that there are some times when it’s not as busy. July and August are a great example as it’s when most slope off on holiday for a couple of weeks. (It’s also a time when families have to keep kids occupied as successive governments haven’t yet realised that we no longer need our children to be out of school for 6 weeks during the summer to prepare the harvest; but I digress.)

It’s undoubtedly quieter.

But that’s a world of difference from away from wondering “is there anybody out there?”

And, in a digital era, even when they’re away, consumers tend not to switch off. They’re still using mobile devices, still communicating, still checking email, and still visiting websites. The frequency might be less across all of these activities, but the world doesn’t stop in the summer.

And neither do people stop spending money.

However, ironically most businesses don’t spend as much on advertising during the summer.

My advice? Take advantage. If there’s less marketing clutter and marketing noise then what are you waiting for?

The rewards are there for those who do spend and invest during this time.

Consumers are generally more relaxed and inclined to spend more money in the summer, therefore advertisers who get their message or brand in front of them can see significant returns. If you invest in marketing while other businesses snooze it stands to reason that you’ll be ahead of the game with less to make up in the autumn when most start to ramp up the competition.

It doesn’t mean you can’t take a few days off, but it does mean that if you really focus on advertising in the lead up and throughout summer, you and your message can stand out much more.

Plus you may be able to purchase a bundle deal for advertising cheaper. Now, give that some thought whilst slapping on the sunscreen and sipping your poolside drink!

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